Skill Management & Coaching

competency management

Replace spreadsheets, notebooks, and tribal knowledge with a skills database in the cloud

Skill Management

How It Works

Define Roles

Use skills and knowledge elements as the building blocks to define roles

Competency Library

Create a digital role library and easily update skills and knowledge as roles evolve


Self and 360 assessments build user profiles that fuel individual development paths

What You Can Expect

Clear Expectations

Skills, knowledge and other requirements are published in a flexible digital library used for assessments

No surprises

Users frequently update competency ratings to share progress, keep profile current and get feedback

High Engagement

The combination of knowing what’s expected and how it’s measured creates engagement on self-development

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Inspire staff with coaching on their personal development


How It Works

Frequent Conversations

Skill and learning progress updated in self and 360 assessments are the foundation to coaching

Data Science

Trend graphs, heat maps, and progress charts provide data-driven insight to coaching conversations

Coaching Tech

Automatic updates on goals, skills, and learning in progress bar charts gives managers major advantages

What You Can Expect

High Engagement

Frequent coaching engages staff in self development

Increased Performance

Coach with data and build actionable plans for improvement

Increase Retention

Personal development is more important than money to high performers

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