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The most advanced platform to find and develop experts

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The SkillNet Effect

Performance Management


Identify your experts and feed your team with tech, tools, and content to become experts

Performance Management Meeting


Coaching, recognizing progress, and leveraging experts engages everyone to be their best

Increase Retention


High-potentials, top performers and millennials won’t leave jobs with continuous development

Three Step Process

Define Competencies


Define a skills based competency model for each job position and store the information in a digital library instead of word docs or spreadsheets

Individual Development Plans

individual development plan

Individual development plans help staff reach short and long-term career goals, as well as improve current job performance.

Solve Skill Gaps

skills gap

Performance management centered around skills. Give users tools to self develop and empower managers with data so they can coach employees up to optimal performance

See How SkillNet Can Help

Why SkillNet?

We’re leading a new wave of performance management, learning and development solutions with a complete platform for modern business. SkillNet is an agile, intuitive platform that your people will love to use. We bundle competency management, assessments, IDPs, and empower managers to coach. If learning and development is a focus, you need to learn more.

Competency Model Foundation
Self and 360 Assessments
Goals & Tasks
Performance Coaching
Frequent Check-ins
Matching Learning Resources

There is no other system on the market like SkillNet. Join other progressive high performing companies who use our platform for assess, engage, review, coach, and most of all develop their staff. You owe it to your team.

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