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About SkillNet

SkillNet is a fast growing software company with a talent development platform to measure, develop and track skills.

      • Give managers frequent coaching tools
      • Use skill data to improve hiring and selection decisions
      • Access up to date reports to find the people with selected skills
      • Inspire and engage your staff in their own development

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Make Data Driven Decisions

Use skill data, goal attainment, task completion and rates of improvement for project placement and succession planning.

Hire Better

Measure candidates based on assessment data on job requirements

Job skill ratings are great interview topics…


Manage Better

Talent dashboards replace notebooks or spreadsheets. Frequent coaching replaces or supplements annual reviews.

Dashboards focus on skills, goals, tasks, and development progress 

  • Skills & Competency ratings
  • Goal Attainment
  • Task Completion
  • Individual Development Plan Progress

Develop Better

Automate Individual Development Plans (IDP) based on assessment results

Each role consists of specific competencies and skills.

Employees self assess and validate with 360 feedback from others. High skills earn badges and certifications and low skills are connected to resources matched to that skill area. Employees can search for subject matter experts.

One Size fits none. Skill gaps drive individual development plans using our recommendation engines.


Made for the cloud

SkillNet creates a private portal for each customer that’s optimized to run on mobile devices. Our clients are in production in days. We can integrate to your other systems.