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A surprisingly easy way to be a better manager

What makes a great manager A great manager comes from many things but a key theme is bringing out the best in their people. Great managers tune into issues, listen and coach, and guide success with a trusted relationship. One of the most important…
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How and why to do a Skills Assessment

What is a skills assessment A skills assessment is a survey or interview measuring skill and knowledge. We recommend a 1-5 Likert scale where 1 is emerging, and 5 is mastery. Skill assessment reports help leaders visualize who knows what…
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How to Manage Rapidly Shifting Technology Competencies

Internet of Things. Big Data. User-generated content. It’s a different world today for technology professionals, and it seems that new technologies and opportunities appear daily that these workers must quickly master in order for businesses…
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What Is The Skill Gap Costing You?

According to a recent study from CareerBuilder, skills gaps cost a company more than $800,000 per year. For clarity, the skills gap is commonly referred to as the frustrating rift between what candidates have to offer and what companies are…
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3 Step Guide to Engage Millennial Employees

The average millennial tenure is only two years. The average cost to replace is $24,000 not to mention the down time. With stats like these it's important to have a proactive strategy to increase retention. Millennials are…
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The New CIO

  We've all been there New in a role with high performance expectations, limited time to make an impact, and with extremely limited knowledge about team capabilities - competencies and skills, strengths, weaknesses, track record,…
Frequent Performance Review

Frequent Performance Reviews

Performance reviews aren’t done frequently because it’s too painful and difficult. Many companies want to move away from annual reviews but doing it once a year is already so painful that the thought of doing that same process more once…
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When it comes to Performance Reviews, Nobody Likes a Surprise

  At a gathering earlier this year, I found myself in conversation with a new acquaintance who had just finished up his first year with a mid-sized IT firm. Being interested in staff development as I am, I asked about how the…
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Annual Performance Reviews Don't Work

When performance management reviews are brief annual events, they often do more damage than good. It's like a football coach reserving feedback until the season ends. Employees at all levels benefit from frequent informal feedback and…