Frequent Performance Review

performance reviewPerformance feedback isn’t done frequently because it’s too painful and difficult.

Most companies use annual or semi-annual reviews because the thought of doing that kind of process more once a year is too much to consider. The current process is difficult for the reviewer, the subject, and those involved in doing 360 ratings. It’s painful for everyone including HR.

We recommend monthly performance conversations about skills – both strengths and areas to improve. A frequent approach requires a transformation in terms of mindset and process. The best way to make move to frequent is by automating the assessment process and presenting results on demand through an online system.

SkillNet automates the competency model, rater feedback, and generates individual development plans. We’re part of the growing movement supporting innovative businesses like GE, Dell, Adobe, Accenture and others who are replacing painful annual models with frequent skill based feedback.

You can do frequent feedback and keep your annual performance review but make that annual model the collection of frequent discussions. Everyone will win.