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A Proven 5 Step Approach to Solve Skill Gaps

We’re in a Skill Revolution where Skills are the new currency According to a McKinsey study, “Sixty percent of global executives expect that up to half of their organization’s workforce will need retraining or replacing within five years.  More than a third said their organizations are unprepared to address the skill gaps…” SkillNet has developed a […]


How and why to do a Skills Assessment

What is a skills assessment

A skills assessment is a survey or interview measuring skill and knowledge. We recommend a 1-5 Likert scale where 1 is emerging, and 5 is mastery. Skill assessment reports help leaders visualize who knows what and identifies gaps where training may be needed to maximize the growth and potential of the individual…

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The SkillNet Effect Infographic

Each year, companies are losing billions of dollars due to underperforming employees and losing top talent.

In  a recent study by the Bureau of National Affairs, companies loose $11 billion annually due to employee turnover.

In another study by The Engagement Institute, underperforming employees were estimated to costs businesses between $450-$550 billion a year.

That’s a high price tag for companies to absorb.

So what’s the answer…


How to Manage Rapidly Shifting Technology Competencies

Internet of Things. Big Data. User-generated content. It’s a different world today for technology professionals, and it seems that new technologies and opportunities appear daily that these workers must quickly master in order for businesses to stay competitive. But how?   Competency frameworks have been used for some time to categorize, organize, and manage the […]

3 Step Guide to Engage Millennial Employees

The average millennial tenure is only two years. The average cost to replace is $24,000 not to mention the down time. With stats like these it’s important to have a proactive strategy to increase retention. Millennials are different kind of talent. They grew up with chat rooms and Twitter. Engaging and retaining Millennials is more important than […]

The New CIO

  We’ve all been there New in a role with high performance expectations, limited time to make an impact, and with extremely limited knowledge about team capabilities – competencies and skills, strengths, weaknesses, track record, style, etc. In the past, when companies were centrally located, the task of gathering data on employees was much easier than […]

Frequent Skill Discussions

Performance feedback isn’t done frequently because it’s too painful and difficult. Most companies use annual or semi-annual reviews because the thought of doing that kind of process more once a year is too much to consider. The current process is difficult for the reviewer, the subject, and those involved in doing 360 ratings. It’s painful […]