What Our Clients Say

Kathy Mills
VP Program Management

Before SkillNet: Talisys had been tracking employee skills on different spreadsheets – a separate one for each role at the company. Version control was a nightmare, and it took hours and hours of work each time an update was needed. They came to SkillNet looking to automate their previously manual skill management process.

Result: “This software is on the cutting edge for managing talent! We use it to track the skill levels of all project participants, primarily developers, and their annual education/certification requirements. We also use SkillNet to build project teams and for identifying the need to train across teams. It is an excellent tool for career development across the entire organization and the SkillNet team is impressively responsive.”

Kathryn Kurinsky

Sr. HR Director


Before SkillNet:  Coverdell wanted to find a way to make coaching their employees easier. They needed a way to engage employees in their own development, and make sure that employees and managers were having more frequent and productive conversations

Result: “We are a call center and have used this software for our Customer Service team. I am so impressed with how customizable this software is! It can streamline your data, increase communication about performance, and bridge the skill gaps in your employee population. It was very easy to set up, and the customer service has been excellent. Skillnet offers other complementary products such as onboarding and engagement which integrate into one very impressive package.”

Jim Vick
 Former Dean of Students
DeVry University

Before SkillNet:  DeVry was looking for a way for its students to have an easier time finding internships and jobs. Employers didn’t know what students’ skillsets were, so they turned to SkillNet to help upskill the students and put the students’ skills on display.

Result: “It is customizable, expandable and scalable. We only scratched the surface of its capabilities. The ability to validate soft skills, to track skill development and present employers or career services staff with an accurate assessment of an employee’s/student’s skill set set is terrific. As a non-tech person I found it easy to navigate and the staff support that comes with the software is great.”

management detailsAnna Baldwin
Native Foods Cafe

Before SkillNet: Native Foods was struggling to create a structure for their managers and help employees to engage in development conversations, and employees didn’t know the skills expected of them in their current job, not to mention the skills of the job they were aiming to reach.

Result: “Intuitive and easy to use.  The team at Skillnet is amazing and always available to support and answer questions. The software has helped our business to align performance expectations to actual results and give our team regular feedback. Goodbye to old school performance appraisals and “hello” to regular timely feedback to help shape the future of our business. Thanks, team!”

William Waas
Chairman & CEO
Illinois Technology Foundation

Before SkillNet:  ITF wanted to launch a mentoring program, but didn’t have a platform to serve as the foundation. They didn’t have an area for mentees to know what was expected of them or how to access resources for improvement, and communication with their mentor was limited to LinkedIn and email.

Result: “We use the application to support our mentoring program. We have found the software to be very flexible. The support team is very responsive. Some fields are hard coded and require creative workarounds.”

Gillian Downey
i.c.stars Foundation

Before SkillNet: i.c. stars wasn’t tracking the individual skills development of the interns working through their program. They needed more information into the skills and competencies both to have more success in fixing skill/knowledge gaps and in placing the interns into interviews.

Result: “The Skillnet team is thoughtful and knowledgeable. Their processes are well-defined and they communicate feature improvements that make planning easy. They are responsive and enthusiastic technology partners.”

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