• Awaken your will and skill

    Master your career, skill by skill, and build a transcript of your accomplishments

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  • Create a Skill Architecture

    Replace spreadsheets with a flexible skill architecture faster and more easily than you thought possible

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  • Focus on Professional Development

    Construct individual development plans based on gaps and track progress with trend graphs

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  • Reinvent One-on-one meetings

    Support 1:1 meetings with a forward-looking focus on development and removing gaps. Rethink Performance Management

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Skill Architecture

Build and maintain a role-specific database and go as deep into the nitty-gritty as you want. Decisions, decisions. Users easily keep skills, certifications, and data current.

Fix Skill Gaps

Assessment data, manager or self-desire to build knowledge and move towards great. Engage users to focus on self-development. Turn managers into coaches.

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Machine learning builds a personalized plan aimed at skill gaps.  Delivers content aimed to fix skill gaps. Equip managers to bring their best self to one on one meetings with data focused on building new skills.

Fast Implementations

Go live in days. Start engaging in conversations about skills. Crowdsource knowledge. Get started now.

Start Small

Implementations can start with a 5 person pilot and scale as large as your appetite for skills data and high performing talent

Mobile Ready

The SkillNet user experience has been handcrafted to work fast and perfectly on any browser on any device.

Great Support

Our startup training and ongoing support is finely tuned to get you answers fast. Not that you’ll need help. It’s seriously easy.

SkillNet is so easy to use that you may underestimate its power. This is probably the last professional development platform you will ever buy

A beautiful experience!

SkillNet helps you attract and retain top talent. Users will thank you for providing this platform.

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What other say about us!

“This software is on the cutting edge for managing talent! We track the skill levels of all project participants, primarily developers, and their annual education/certification requirements. We also use SkillNet to build project teams and for identifying the need to train across teams. It is an excellent tool for career development across the entire organization and the SkillNet team is impressively responsive.”

Kathy MillsSr. VPTalisys Technologies

“Intuitive and easy to use.  The team at Skillnet is amazing and always available to support and answer questions. The software has helped our business to align performance expectations to actual results and give our team regular feedback. Goodbye to old-school performance appraisals and “hello” to regular timely feedback to help shape the future of our business. Thanks, team!”

Anna BaldwinCOONative Foods Restaurants

“The Skillnet team is thoughtful and knowledgeable. Their processes are well-defined and they communicate feature improvements that make planning easy. They are responsive and enthusiastic technology partners.”

Gillian DowneyCOOi.c. stars

“Configurable, expandable and scalable. We only scratched the surface of its capabilities. Great ability to validate and track skill development. We presented employers and career services staff with an assessment of a student’s skill set. As a non-tech person I found it easy to navigate. The support team is great.”

Jim VickFormer Dean of StudentsDeVry University