Improve Staff Performance from Skill Measurement and Personalized Upskilling

Grow a stronger workforce and maximize training budget from defining capabilities, measuring skills, visualizing gaps and solving them with personalized learning plans. Reduce time to proficiency by 75%. Replace spreadsheets and do a better job with our skill-focused, purpose-built, performance-improvement platform. SkillNet is a powerful, configurable approach to measure skills and power personalized upskilling It’s easy and you’ll get results in weeks.

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Skills and Staff Performance

Skills have become the universal currency of performance. The reward from being focused on skill development is improved staff results. Upskilling is a powerful strategy to engage your people and prepare for tomorrow. Investing in your workforce builds loyalty, grows retention and performance.

Skill Assessment

Skill Measurement

Cut your time by 90% from working with spreadsheets to collect skill data. We can use your skill models, job descriptions, or import prior data from your HR or other systems. Skill data helps define your capabilities and learning requirements. Use data to staff projects, build training plans and coach. Set targets for your workforce of the future.

Personalized Development

One size fits none. Moving from one-size fits all learning to a personalized approach can cut the time for results in half. Automation builds truly personalized development plans, PDPs, to propel new skills, knowledge and abilities for your workforce. Use content you have or connect to new learning resources.

Any Learning Content

Connect skills to learning content you already have or new resources. Harvest IP and other assets from your Sharepoint or Learning Managment System. Tag courses in LinkedIn learning or other online course providers. Leverage YouTube or Ted Talks. Create your own videos with team members explaining how to get the job done.

Dont take our word for it…

What other say about us!

“This software is on the cutting edge for managing talent! We track the skill levels of all project participants, primarily developers, and their annual education/certification requirements. We also use SkillNet to build project teams and for identifying the need to train across teams. It is an excellent tool for career development across the entire organization and the SkillNet team is impressively responsive.”

“Intuitive and easy to use.  The team at Skillnet is amazing and always available to support and answer questions. The software has helped our business to align performance expectations to actual results and give our team regular feedback. Goodbye to old-school performance appraisals and “hello” to regular timely feedback to help shape the future of our business. Thanks, team!”

“The Skillnet team is thoughtful and knowledgeable. Their processes are well-defined and they communicate feature improvements that make planning easy. They are responsive and enthusiastic technology partners.”

“Configurable, expandable and scalable. We only scratched the surface of its capabilities. Great ability to validate and track skill development. We presented employers and career services staff with an assessment of a student’s skill set. As a non-tech person I found it easy to navigate. The support team is great.”

Fast Implementations

Go live in days. Start engaging in conversations about skills. Crowdsource knowledge. Get started now.

Start Small

Implementations can start with a 5 person pilot and scale as large as your appetite for skills data and high performing talent

Mobile Ready

We handcrafted a user experience to work fast on mobile and tablets on wifi and even carrier connections.

Great Support

Online training and support get you answers and inputs fast. It’s seriously easy and intuitive but we’re 100% there when you need us.

SkillNet is so easy to use that you may underestimate its power. 

Highly Intuitive User Experience!

SkillNet helps you develop and retain top talent. Your users will thank you for providing this platform

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